Thursday, April 16, 2015

You're worth more than gold by Camy Tang

Hey guys! I was recently just listening to my MP3 player and it cycled to one of my favorite songs, “Gold” by Britt Nicole. This was one of the songs that inspired me as I was writing Gone Missing.

Joslyn, my heroine, was from a poor background, so she was working at an electronics store in Los Angeles and putting herself through school in computer programming.

When she got involved with her ex-boyfriend, who murdered her father, she ran away to Oregon. She lost her baby and the woman she was working for helped her through that ordeal. The woman also talked a lot about Christ to her, and so Joslyn has been seeking Christ more and more.

She’s lost a lot and has gone through a grieving process after her father was murdered and she miscarried her baby. She had to leave school and her job to run away from her ex, so she has to start the school year all over again. At least she’s able to work for Liam and Elisabeth in Sonoma, California, at their new skip-tracing agency rather than trying to find a new job.

She’s grateful to Liam and Elisabeth for saving her and for bringing her into their “family” in Sonoma after the loss of her father. She is a good team player and only wants their business to succeed. Her job for them teaches the the skills she needs to try to find her friend, Fiona, in Gone Missing.

Through out the story, Joslyn learns that she’s not alone, no matter what she’s done, no matter what has happened to her. God loves her deeply, because she’s “worth more than gold.”

When I was writing the book, that was my prayer for you, my reader. I pray that when you finish the book, you’ll also truly feel God’s love for you and how he values you as something infinitely precious to Him.

Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. Her romantic suspense, Gone Missing, releases May 2015 so pre-order it now! Also, her romantic suspense novella, Necessary Proof, is available for free. She is a staff worker for her church youth group, and leads one of the worship teams for Sunday service. On her blog, she ponders frivolous things like knitting, running, dogs, and Asiana. Sign up for her newsletter to hear about new releases or sales on her backlist.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring blooms by Leann Harris

I love Spring. It is a coming to life, which follows up after Easter. My iris have quietly come to life and have opened up and started blooming. When I was teaching, I'd cut an iris everyday and take it with me to school so I could look at it and have a moment of joy. My mother-in-law had half her backyard filled with iris, 50 different varieties and that was in the 1960's. I wish I had cutting from her garden, but I only have my husband's pictures. Also my hyacinth is blooming. (Ignore the weed.)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Browsing Through My Bookshelves by Marta Perry

I've been determined to bring order to the chaos in my office recently. I've purged files, discovered how long income tax documents are supposed to be saved, and considered the advisability of hanging onto paper copies of workshops I gave so many years ago I can't remember them. In the process, I actually found that one of my file drawers had broken under the weight of all the things I'd crammed into it!

Maybe writers are especially guilty of hanging onto anything resembling the printed word. I'm convinced that as soon as I throw something away, I'll learn that I need it. But I'm struggling to ignore that little voice and be as ruthless as someone of my nature can be. Do I really want to keep outdated books on writing or tapes I can no longer play on any device I own? Probably not.

The process has been painful in some ways, but it's had an unexpected benefit. As I went through my bookshelves in search of materials to donate or recycle, I ran into some old favorites I hadn't turned to in some time, and I refreshed myself and stretched my writing muscles with some techniques I'd learned once and let slip away.

Maybe you'd like a look at some of my writing favorites. Here are a few, culled from my shelves, in no particular order. I can guarantee dipping into any of these will give your writing a boost, and if you're not a writer but a booklover, you might enjoy seeing how authors achieve the books that keep you coming back time after time. 




PRESCRIPTION FOR PLOTTING by Carolyn Greene.  E-mail:






Monday, April 6, 2015

Following Your Favorite Authors on Amazon

Keli Gwyn here with a confession. I can be slow at times. That's especially true when technology is involved. A cyber whiz I'm not.

Since the release of my first Love Inspired Historical, Family of Her Dreams, is getting closer, I thought it would be wise to update my Amazon author page. After all, June will be here before we know it.

I typed my name in the search bar, and up came my beautiful cover. Doesn't the Love Inspired design team do great work?

I clicked on my name. My author page appeared, complete with my smiling face.

As is often the case when I revisit a profile page after some time away, I discover things have changed, usually for the better. That was the case this time.

Just below my picture, there is now a "follow" button. I clicked it, not sure what would happen. The word "follow" became "following." That was it.

Or so I thought.

A few weeks went by, and I received an email telling me that Keli Gwyn has a new book coming out. Yup! Amazon was telling me about my upcoming release. How cool is that?

I've since become a fan of the "follow" button. I've visited the Amazon pages of my favorite authors and clicked away. I'm eagerly awaiting a flood of emails letting me know when more of the stories I love will be available.

Did you know about the Amazon "follow" button, or am I the last person to figure out how this nifty feature works?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Capitol K-9 Unit continuity

Hi there, Terri Reed stopping in to let you all know that last month the first book in the Capitol K-9 Unit released from Love Inspired Suspense.  The second book released yesterday in ebook and next Tuesday in print.
We're super excited about this series set in the nations capitol.

Here's the line up the book in the  Capitol K-9 Unit  Below I've posted the covers for the first five books. We're still anxiously awaiting the cover reveal for book six!

Also there is a short story connected to the Capitol K-9 Unit that you might enjoy.  We're up to chapter five this week.

Dangerous Justice, March-April 2015 FREE online read

Here's the link Harlequin website .  Each Monday a new chapter will be posted for a total of eight chapters/eight weeks.

Someone is after Capitol K-9 Unit tech guru Fiona Fargo, and they'll stop at nothing to keep her from decoding the secrets of Washington, D.C.'s elite. She knows Officer Christopher Torrance and his canine partner Dutch will keep her safe, but he's the last colleague she wants dogging her heels. Spending time with him might reveal her secret crush on him. But with killers determined to silence her forever, she'll have to put aside her fears and accept his help. Chris has secrets of his own, and a failed engagement makes him leery of moving forward with any woman, even the beautiful Fiona. As they hunt for the killer, they'll find that love can break any barrier.

The novels
Protective Instincts, March 2015, Shirlee McCoy

Duty Bound Guardian, April 2015, Terri Reed 
 Trail of Evidence, Lynette Eason, May 2015
 Security Breach, June 2015, Margaret Daley
 Detecting Danger, Valerie Hansen, July 2015
Proof of Innocence, Lenora Worth, August 2015 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Book Covers, A Survey, and a Giveaway!

Lee Tobin McClain here, just wondering: Do you judge a book by its cover?

I suspect a lot of us do. I think Love Inspired books have beautiful covers. But along with my Love Inspired books, I also publish independently, which means I have to hire my own cover artist and dream up my own cover ideas. I'm not terribly artistic or visual, so I'm learning as I go! To help me keep making my covers better, will you give me some insight on what makes a book jump off the shelves and into your shopping cart?

On the cover, do you prefer to see:
a) the hero alone?
b) the heroine alone?
c) the couple?

Do you prefer a hero who looks
a) like real men you know?
b) extremely more attractive than most men you know?

And finally, in terms of mood, do you like a cover guy who looks
a) thoughtful and tough?
b) thoughtful and sad?
c) happy?

 Thoughtful and tough
Thoughtful and sad

Answer in the comments, like this:  a, a, a. If you say why, that'll help me even more. Either way, if you comment before Easter, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a copy of my Love Inspired novel, Engaged to the Single Mom.  

My Sacred Bond series of Christian romance novels is all about the guys . . . they're former delinquents who make a vow to serve God and those who most need their help. That's why the covers feature men in all their solitary glory. And in my humble opinion, they're pretty handsome!

Want to try the series? Click on any of the captions below the covers to find out more. And if you click on the happy guy (Before the Bond) you'll get to my website where you can sign up for my newsletter and get this pre-prequel short story for free. You can also read Book One in the series, His Baby Bond, for free. Enjoy!

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Special Book Signing!

Debby Giusti (L) with WWII veteran,
Frank Forth
By Debby Giusti

Last Thursday, my wonderful independent bookseller hosted a signing for my latest Love Inspired Suspense, STRANDED. The book features a wound warrior recuperating from a war injury and is dedicated to Frank Forth, a member of the Greatest Generation who fought and was severely injured in the Battle of the Bulge. I invited Frank to join me at the signing.

Frank always has a funny joke or a heart-warming story to tell, and those who attended the event were entertained by the memories he shared about his youth, his wife Gacie, and his time in the military. Even at ninety-two, Frank can still play the bugle and loves listening to the Big Band sounds of the Forties, which brought even more stories to mind. So many of my readers already knew Frank and love him, just as I do. Those he met for the first time that night were taken by his genuine concern for others, his zest for life and his love of the Lord.

Frank charms the crowd!
I always donate the proceeds of my local book signings to a charity, usually one that benefits the military. This time, in honor of Frank, the proceeds are going to two organizations that Frank holds dear:  the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, of which he is a member, and Bugles Across America, a non-profit organization that recognizes the service of our veterans by providing buglers who play a live rendition of Taps at their funerals.
I am so blessed to have such wonderful support
from my local community!
As always, I am so grateful for the support I get from my local community. The signing was a huge success. Frank was overwhelmed and deeply touched by the outpouring of well wishes and the heartfelt thanks for his service from those he met that night.
Barbara Jackson won my author basket!
Do you have a special book signing or author event that touched your heart? If so, please share that memory with us.

Wishing you abundant blessings and a joyful Easter,
Debby Giusti


Colleen Brennan has one goal—take down her sister’s killer.  But chasing after evidence leaves her in the path of a tornado and stranded in an Amish community. With the killer nearby, Colleen must depend on the kindness of Special Agent Frank Gallagher. Although the army officer is recuperating from a battlefield injury, he wants to help the beautiful woman he rescued from the tornado’s fury. He can tell she’s hiding something important. But getting her to reveal her secrets may be his most dangerous mission ever.

Order your copy in digital or print format: Amazon.